Sarah Palin's Earthquake

Sarah Palin's Earthquake -


She said in a GMA interview on her book tour that she will run if she sees there is support for her to run. Iowa, begin the 2016 Earthquake Movement!

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As SARAH PALIN’S EARTHQUAKE MOVEMENT and loyal supporters of Sarah Palin for President in 2016, we make it a practice to NOT diss or be unduly critical of any Republican candidates. We are just as diligent though in our researching and vetting and stating facts about all Candidates as we are in providing and stating facts about the qualifications, accomplishments, proven track record, and ethics of Sarah Palin. It is all these ‘PALIN QUALITIES’ that have us convinced that Sarah Palin is America’s BEST CHOICE for President in 2016. Yes…as of yet we know that Sarah Palin has not announced. Given the fact that Sarah Palin has already been THOROUGHLY VETTED and already has a PROVEN RECORD OF SUCCESS, it is wise of her to allow the current candidates their time of being vetted. THIS IS JUST WHO SARAH PALIN IS!

But…as each of these persons shown and named in this video have so adequately declared…”IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR SARAH PALIN’S ENDORSEMENT AND SUPPORT….”

So…since Sarah Palin is so good at picking quality Conservative candidates who love America and America’s citizens and military and who believe and stand on our U. S. Constitution…does it not stand to reason that SARAH PALIN is the BEST CANDIDATE for PRESIDENT 2016?

Come on, America…CALL FOR AND DEMAND THE BEST: ASK Sarah Palin to make this sacrifice and announce her candidacy.   #Waiting4Palin #SarahPalin2016





YES! Yes, we are! #Waiting4Palin has become our National slogan as we work to promote Governor Sarah Palin as our 2016 Presidential Candidate of Choice! It is Governor Palin who we believe to be the most qualified, most accomplished, and the one proven leader, having been thoroughly vetted for the last 8 years. No other candidate will be able to stand up to the rigorous vetting as Sarah Palin has since she first stepped onto the National stage in 2008 as the Vice Presidential candidate. Though her vetting didn’t begin in 2008, it was then that it just got nastier and more vigorous; yet, Sarah Palin stood tall, she never wavered, and every charge and slanderous accusation was proven to be false and vindictive.

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement has worked through these years to educate and inform America regarding the truth about Governor Sarah Palin. We have been active on Facebook and on Twitter as well as here on our Website. At our own personal expense, many of our group have attended every possible event where the Governor was to speak and even many events where she was not in attendance, our purpose always being to educate and inform and to get to see and/or hear her speak in person. At many of these events we purchased booths/tables, provided educational materials and freebies, such as buttons, bumper stickers, and pens, and we successfully networked with the attendees at each event.

In April 2014 approximately 30 of us from 12 states met in Orange Beach, AL, and attended the Baldwin County Republican Party Annual Event. Several members attended other events at different dates located in Denver CO, Ames, IA, Sevierville TN, Des Moines IA, and some plan to attend the NRA Convention in Nashville TN.

In preparation for the IA Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015, the Political Earthquake PAC purchased a stationary digital billboard located at one of the busiest intersections in Des Moines leading from the airport to the Event Center. Our digital billboard displayed 3 different timed and reoccurring messages:

Proven Leader

Fiscally Responsible



IA Billboard


Preparing for a PALIN PRESENCE at the NRA Convention on April 10-12, 2015 (prior to knowing whether or not Governor Palin would be in attendance), the Political Earthquake PAC purchased a mobile billboard to be positioned outside the Convention site and will at times move to other heavy traffic areas. Photos of the billboard art are posted below. Also a video is provided to demonstrate the mobile billboard displaying timed changing screens on both sides of the truck and on the back.



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