Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement

Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement -


Welcome to Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement.



Sarah Palin’s Earthquake is a grassroots organization with members from all walks of life, fully committed to supporting Sarah Palin if she chooses to run for President of the United States in 2016.


She is one voice willing to stand up and speak out, and one can become a million strong heard round the world. Never underestimate the power of the people! Our nation has come under attack, threatening the very core of what America stands for – “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Our time has come… but who is willing to fight for us?


We believe there is such a one who espouses the values and principles we are desperately fighting to defend. Someone who truly understands what it means to be an American and one whose life has been devoted to this cause. We have found this individual…. we believe in this individual…. and we are willing to do whatever it takes to elect Governor Sarah Palin our Commander in Chief.


Sarah Palin is the greatest example of a hard working, independent, and strong American woman, whose life has been chosen for this purpose! She represents the ideology and values we cherish – Constitutional Conservatism, fiscal responsibility, capitalism, patriotism, American exceptionalism, and freedom! No one else has the kind of undeniable courage or passion to speak up for those truths! Through it all, she’s always been true to herself and the cause we all so passionately believe in – restoring the fundamental values and principles this country was founded upon before it’s too late.


True conservative values and principles cannot be learned. They are either there or they are not. A true conservative puts the people’s interests first before their own. A true conservative is not for sale to big donors which breeds the out of control cronyism in our government today. A true conservative believes in small government and lower taxes that leave decisions in the hands of families and businesses.


  • As a vice-presidential nominee in 2008, Governor Palin is fully vetted. She has been working hard to identify and to help elect constitutional conservative candidates who can turn our country back to becoming economically stable again by cutting spending, staying within a budget, creating jobs and building a strong military, not for us to fight the wrong wars but to protect us here at home from terrorists and nuclear threats.


  • This administration has not had a budget for over three years and worse, it continues to spend and borrow money from China and others. God has endowed our country with natural resources waiting to be explored and utilized which in turn will create jobs. Instead, the Obama administration chooses to rely on foreign oil and business deals that benefit him and the elite in Washington D.C. and leave us struggling to survive.


  • Worst of all, when our country found itself in a bad situation as a result of irresponsible governance by both parties, both administrations raided the taxpayers’ money to bail out their cronies. These too big to fail companies are strong supporters of both parties. They got big because of the payback they received by providing large amounts of financial support to members of the permanent political class – the elites in Washington DC. Governor Palin calls this crony capitalism. She fought it in her state and won.


  • Sarah Palin is on a mission calling for sudden and relentless reform. Washington DC is soaking in their Jacuzzis relishing the good life while we get sidetracked. It is time to drain the Jacuzzi and send them down the drain with the bath water.


Isn’t it time we stopped letting politicos and the intelligentsia tell us what to do? Isn’t it time we overcame the corrupt establishment and paved the way for everyday hardworking citizens to choose our President! We have the information, the resources, and the ability to take charge of the election process and change the course of history! Please come join us; our voice is growing everyday and we need your support.


As Sarah so wonderfully put it “in America, anyone can make a difference!” We believe that everyone possesses a special talent that can greatly contribute to our cause! Our loved ones were willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom - our heritage must be preserved! Let us not put their efforts to shame; let it not be in vain. Let us stand together, one nation under God, and become that one voice to save America!